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Oh hello September, we didn’t see you there! Somewhere between last-call BBQ plans and checking off the final items on our summer bucket lists, September crept up on us with zero to no warning. As we desperately try to embrace the onset of fall, we take comfort in the promise of routine that usually comes with the start of this season. Back to class, back to studio and back to centre. We caught up with our West Edmonton Mall ambassador, Kenna K, to understand how she finds centredness with Sattva Yoga.

tell us a bit about yourself and your history
My physical yoga practice all started with a dare: "Betcha can't ever do the splits!" I am forever grateful for that person not because I can now do the splits but because yoga continues to transform my life. Back then it wasn't likely that I’d win the dare (my legs were incredibly tight due to years of competitive running) but I started practicing yoga anyways. At the time I was also going through a rough patch in my life. Pretty quickly it became apparent to me that, yes! I loved that my body was becoming more flexible and strong but what I loved even more were the affects yoga was having on my life off my mat. By connecting inwards it seemed like my outside world became clearer and it was easier to stay centred amongst the chaos around me. I had been connecting inwards since I was five, when my mom taught me Transcendental Meditation but the physical practice gave me a place to ground my meditative experiences.

why sattva yoga?
I was inspired to practice Sattva Yoga primarily because of the founder, Rameen Peyrow. When I moved back to Edmonton from San Diego, I felt that I had "lost" my ability to connect inwards because I left the studio I had grown attached to. It was in Edmonton that I found Sattva Yoga and was reminded that it didn't matter where I was, my centre is always with me.

what can we expect from a sattva yoga class?
You can expect a dynamic physical practice that promotes balance in the body, as well as breathing and mediation exercises. It is very unique to get all three practices in one, which makes this well-rounded style incredibly beneficial. The Sattva classes are designed to liberate you from the expired patterns found in the body and mind that are no longer serving you in the development and progression of your life. At The Yoga Loft in Edmonton, where I teach, we change our sequence monthly to keep the body balanced and the mind engaged.

you are crazy flexible – is that a result of sattva yoga working for you or do you come from a back-bending background?
Ha! I love this question! I am proud to say that the body I have is a reflection of my dedication to my yoga practice.

Describe your perfect day – a time where you feel ultimately ‘centred’
For me, feeling centred starts with how I feel on the inside. In my perfect day I feel super healthy, fit, vibrant, loved and I am living every moment with presence. I wake up to sunshine, practice yoga and am teaching and traveling. I’m in warm weather, by the ocean, eating fresh and delicious food. During the day I'm either wearing a bikini or yoga clothes and at night I get dressed up, go out for dinner with some amazing company and then off to watch a Cirque de Soleil show; they are so inspiring!

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So amazing & inspiring Kenna!! Lots of love from the Whyte Avneue Crew!

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I’m impressed. You’re truly well informed and very intelligent. You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. I’m saving this for future use.

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