balance and trust in korea

photo credit: kadri kurgun

Join one of our favourite #globalyogis Daniel Scott, a College Ave ambassador, as he relives his path to balance and trust at the Korea Yoga Festa.

Wisps of wind tickled wiskers as feet snapped in mid-air just inches from my face. Vibrations rocketed up Kadri’s legs each time the ninjas landed.  I exhaled through soft hands with eyes closed in absolute appreciation for this perfect example of bone stacking. Energy was everywhere—static, dynamic, muscular, skeletal—yet only one thought echoed in my mind:

Balance is the midpoint between extremes.

Grace exists somewhere between fast and slow, open and closed, give and take. No stranger to extreme living, I’ve learned much while exploring horizons.  Sometimes, you’ve got to go towards the edge in order to look over. On rare occasion, the edge comes looking for you.

I had started warming up for a short demo halfway through day two of the Korea Yoga Festa when Duncan Wong came over and started adjusting me. A large crowd had formed around the stage during an exhibition from the creator of Budokan himself, Cameron Shayne, and continued to grow in anticipation of what was to come.

“You wanna go up, brother?” Kadri politely asked.

“Thought you’d never ask,” I joked.  “Trust, son, it’s how we do.”

As an AcroYoga teacher, my life revolves around understanding two wonderful things: Balance and Trust. Each one requires a great deal of the other to be truly experienced. Much like one turns the radio down when driving while lost, my eyes subconsciously closed upon trust-jumping onto Kadri’s feet.  Balancing without hands is easier with no distractions.

Still clearly jazzed to keep going. Cameron started showboating. Duncan, not one to sit around idly while others play, followed suit.  Naturally, a jump kick competition ensued. The target? My mustache. Thankfully, both were overachievers.

Yoga in Korea is a relatively new phenomenon.  Studios are popping up, and the spark is definitely catching. Admittedly, I fell in love with the earnest dedication of students at the Festa. Almost all attendees came packing pen, paper, or tablet on which to take notes. The first thing I do in every class is have students throw all of that to the side, close their eyes, and drop into their bodies. I’ll peek from time to time, always seeing the same thing... smiles. Your homework, should you choose to enjoy it: the next time you are (safely) near your edge, close your eyes, take a breath, and listen to what comes up.

Keep up with Daniel here and stay tuned as we follow his practice around the world. Bonus points if you share your 'homework' here!


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