top fives from the bali spirit festival

A curious lizard walks across the floor as we settle into Savasana cooled by a Bali breeze, listening to the hum of cicadas. At the Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud — a celebration of music, yoga and art — nature is all around. Mix in thousands of yogis from around the globe and plenty of scrumptious food and, well, it’s over-the-top good. Oakridge Store ambassador, Chantal O’Sullivan, and Northern Australia community guru, Lindsay Udell, share with us their top five memories from the festival.

chantal’s top five

1. Dodging chickens, dogs, potholes and so many people, zigzagging through traffic on the daily 20-minute scooter ride from Ubud to the festival. It’s a beautiful and terrifying ride. I miss it already.

2. Sitting on a beanbag in the outdoor lounge area, sipping on coconuts with friends, new and old, and taking in the scene. So many interesting people all gathered together to learn. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

3. Taking part in 108 sun salutations taught by teachers from around the world — including local favourites, Eoin Finn and Tina James. Set to live music, surrounded by the lush green of Bali, it doesn’t get more uplifting than this. And I have never sweat so much in my life.

4. I loved, loved, loved all the classes I got to take in. As a teacher, it’s a real pleasure to be a student. Every class was a gift and an opportunity to slow down, to learn. Or as Eoin Finn said in his Hug-It-Out Hammock Yoga Blissfest: "You just need to slow down, breathe and get under a tree." (A palm tree in Bali did the trick nicely Eoin!)

5. Bali, all of it. I'm smitten. From the smiling people I met daily to the delicious food, it's a place that is easy to love. "Terima kasih" or thank-you. That's what I kept thinking and saying all through my trip. Thank you Bali. I'll be back next year!

lindsay’s top five

1. Being able to go straight from a sweaty class into the pool — much needed on day one after Les Levanthal's class.

2. The amazing yoga-dance party led by Angel & Matt of Future Sound of Yoga. No better way to close day two than dancing with friends old and new.

3. The post Savasana bliss following Simon Low’s Yin class that lasted an entire day. I don’t think I snapped out of it until the next morning!

4. Tickling as a yoga posture in Eoin Finn’s class. It's good to do a class that brings me home when I'm all the way across the world. (Ed’s note: Lindsay’s a Canuck rocking it out in Aus – and living the life).

5. Learning a new language, connecting with a new culture and a getting to practice in a space that overlooks a rice paddy.

Anyone else have a chance to attend the festival? What were your favourite memories?

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