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Meet the person currently running on our home page: Rebecca!

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what you do?

I am a track and field athlete specializing in the 800-metres. I completed my bachelors of kinesiology at Simon Fraser University with a certificate in Health and Fitness. After SFU I studied broadcast journalism at BCIT.

I run 6-8 times per week over 6 days. My training involves long runs lasting up to 70 minutes, intervals, circuit/weight training and a lot of stretching. I am also a part-time educator at lululemon Robson and I love my online role maintaining our lululemon Robson Facebook and Twitter pages.

how long have you been running?

Running has been part of my life for 17 years. I competed in my first cross-country race when I was 8 years old I and placed 2nd, but I wanted 1st. After that I was hooked. I started in a track club when I was 12 and have competed in the 800-metres ever since.

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what's your favourite place to run?

I grew up on Bowen Island and my favourite run will always be around Killarney Lake. When I’m not on the island I love meeting my training partners for our Sunday run at Burnaby Lake.

what are some of your recent running accomplishments?

  • 3rd in the 800-metres at the 2009 World University Games Belgrade, Serbia
  • 1st in the 800-metres in 2008 and 2009 at Canadian Track and Field Championships Toronto, Canada
  • 1st in 800-metres in 2005 and 2006 at NAIA Track and Field Championships Louisville, KY and Fresno, CA.

why do you run?

This sport has taught me that I can push my body and my mind further than I ever thought possible. Running has allowed me to travel all over the world and meet the most amazing people.

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W00t! Go Rebecca!

So much win!

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