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prepping for the shoot

Above: Rachel Ross, an ambassador at our Ala Moana store in Hawaii, gets ready for her close up.

You see their pictures all over the lululemon store walls and website. They jump, prance, and pose in the air, on land and in front of the sea. They are the lululemon athletica ambassadors: a group of unique individuals who are rock star athletes, dancers, as well as stand-out yoga and fitness innovators, all of whom are involved in our communities and also embody the lululemon lifestyle and culture.

When I walk into a lululemon store, these pictures inspire me. It makes me want to be a better runner, a more focused yogi, and especially be someone who motivates and contributes to our community. And while the ambassador photographs you see look fabulous and flawless, there’s a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes in order to capture these movers and shakers of the fitness world. My colleague here at lululemon Ala Moana, Fabe, juggled the scheduling of six ambassador photo shoots this summer. From location scouting to logistical nightmares, Fabe and James, the professional photographer we hired for the shoots, tirelessly did their best to make our store’s ambassadors shine.

rachel ross

Fabe and her crew searched high and low for the place that would best embody the ambassador’s strength and spirit. Then there was hair and makeup (a big thank you to stylist Rene), a task usually not a high priority for these athletes who are no stranger to the lululemon manifesto quote: “sweat once a day to regenerate your skin.” A lot of credit also goes to the ambassadors themselves – as they had to endure the sometimes unglamorous tasks that come with a photo shoot, in this case, holding their yoga poses for an insane amount of time so that the photographer could get just the right shot.

So whether you’re walking into a lululemon store, checking out our ambassador photos online, or thinking about becoming an ambassador yourself… don’t forget that these photographs represent the heart and soul of lululemon… the people who drive us to be better educators, stronger athletes, and powerful community members.

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This is pretty cool – i love to see the pictures of the athletes at stores. my favorites are the dancer photos, they are so graceful!

Comment by Michelle — September 10, 2009 @ 11:33 am

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