BHAG check in: changing it up!

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Here's Ali with the BHAG she shared with us in June. Read on for an update...

Setting big, hairy, audacious goals (BHAGs) are exciting. They make us dream of what is possible and then push us to achieve it. In June 2010, we asked some rockstar lululemon athletica employees to set (and write down) some BHAGs. As with any other goal, it’s a good idea to review your BHAGs on a regular basis. Ali sat down with Matt, a member of our Leadership & Development team, to review her BHAG – let’s listen in:

Matt: Tell me about your BHAG.

Ali: Well, it’s changed. I originally set it as owning an online eco-friendly urban gift basket store by January 2015. But when I knew we were meeting, I reviewed and changed it.

Matt: That’s perfect. Goals should always be reviewed and modified. So what is it now?

Ali: I will be a professional wrapper and own a wrapping business by January 2015. I will be the one to go to that is able to wrap anything. You want me to wrap up a car for you? I can do that!

Matt: So why the change? Is it more in line with your vision of where you’d like to be in 10 years?

Ali: I changed it because, when I was reviewing the goal, I realized what I really love to do is the wrapping of the gift baskets – not creating the mix of the consumable products in the basket itself. And it would still have an eco-friendly, philanthropic twist to it, obviously. This is also still in line with my vision. In five years I will start the business, and in 10 years I want to be a stay at home mom with the business on the side.

Matt: That’s great to hear the goal is still aligned to your 10 year vision and your true passion. When you revisit your goal and it doesn’t inspire you – you know it’s time to change it. So – what are you going to do next to help you achieve this goal?

Ali: I want to start small to test out the demand and my own capacity. I’m going to offer my great wrapping services to my colleagues during Christmas through our company newsletter – helping them to wrap Christmas and Secret Santa presents.

Matt: Nice! Let’s follow-up after Christmas to see if that experience helped reaffirm your BHAG or if it highlighted what may need to be altered.

*high five*

Do you have a question around goal-setting that you'd like some guidance on? Visit the lululemon Facebook wall on Sept. 8th at 4 pm PST and ask Matt! Event details are here: Hope to see you on the wall!

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I love it! I’m so excited for you, Ms. Positive!

Lots of love! Your first customer,

Comment by Tess — September 7, 2010 @ 3:52 pm

Love it Ali! After Tess, I’ll be your second customer. Seriously – the Coles and Devine families have lots of presents coming their way … and my wrapping skillz just don’t cut it! Can’t wait to see your website and your rates! Baby steps.

Comment by Carolyn — September 7, 2010 @ 10:57 pm

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