brace yourself: the itty

The itty bracer is developed for A-cup runners. It's specially designed for high-impact sports, and long distance running. Truth bomb: it's tight - it will relax a little once your body heats up. Adjustable hook-and-eye closure puts the fit in your hands - adjust before putting on. Make way for a new wave of bra technology.

Not your size? B to C cup try the bitty bracer and D to E cup try the booby bracer.


tell it like it is: the itty bracer

Alicia. White Space Team, lululemon SSC 

I’m an anytime-anywhere kind of runner. My favourite style of runs are challenging runs that make me scared. Runs that involve a constant combat of either climbing mountains or descending steep technical mountain bike terrain. I love road marathons and I started loving the 50-mile train distance. I run everyday except Friday, which I am told, I’m supposed to rest. Unless I’m really sick then I read or watch movies about running.

I wore this bra in a 50-mile trail race and it was the first time I ran in this bra. Because I’d be running for almost 10 hours, I tried wearing it for 10 hours - to a dinner after work one day, just to try. It felt a bit constrictive at that dinner and I was a bit scared/uncertain about wearing it for the whole race, but thought I would give it a go anyway.

Plan of attack? I left a different, well-trusted sports bra at an aid station after about 10 miles, in case this new bra specimen chaffed the hell out of me. I expected to change bras part way through the race but what actually happened blew my mind:

This new bra was the ONE THING that did not chafe in conditions of downpour horizontal rain produced an entirely new experience of chaffing everywhere but my bra!

I want to be clear that when I initially tried the bra on, my first impression was that I wouldn’t buy it because the fit felt too snug. The fit is counter-intuitive: we have been taught that a stretchy comfortable bra is the best fit, when in actuality a really snug fit that separates is best.

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i have a tiny small but i like to were sport bra that makes me look saxy when i do hot yoga.

Comment by Qwan — August 5, 2013 @ 9:15 pm

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