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While the floods affecting Calgary and southwestern Alberta both shocked and devastated many, what is more astounding is how the community has band together like never before. On the ground level, the lululemon team from 4th St. SW in Calgary got down and dirty to help cleanup. Katie shares how the community united in the face of...a lot of mud.  

Friday morning our team didn't take their eyes off the news, twitter, or their Instagram feeds. No one ever thought our city would look the way it did when we woke up that day. But the shock and sadness was quickly replaced by something else. The numbers speak for themselves. The city called for 600 volunteers, and what the Calgary community gave them that morning alone was 3000.

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lululemon 4th St. SW team

Very quickly, there was no more sense of 'strangers' in our city. As one of our girls was tearing down saturated dry wall from a neighbours garage, she recalls the lady saying, "I don't even know you; thank you so much". It's not hard to see the silver lining here.

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Katelyn, an educator at our store says she's never felt more connected to a community than she does right now. And it's not just those folk unaffected that are out getting muddy and helping their neighbours. A number of our girls at the store have been displaced from their homes for days, but all they want to do is find more communities to help.

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good thing luon is moisture wicking

It was a horrible experience that brought Calgary to this point, but I've never seen so much gratitude, inspiration, and selflessness. Out of everything lost, there's no doubt that Calgary is going to be rebuilt into an even better city.

As one of our girls put it, she isn't going to look back at the Flood of 2013 as this big devastating event.

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"Whether it's one or ten years down the road, I'm going to look back and think: Wow, did Calgary ever prove itself to be an incredible place to live". Strangers have turned into family and the people in our city saw that whether it was by carrying someone from their home or making sandwiches for volunteers, they could make a difference.

The initial thought of "holy crap look at all that mud" has turned into people being moved to tears at how quickly and selflessly our city is rebuilding.

Below is a glimpse of other work the team got up to during the flood. Have a story about how your community has come together to help out? Share it here.

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Clean-up and feeding volunteers in Bragg Creek

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