2010 winter olympics: cheer on! trade on!

Are you a pin economist? I have learned that pins are like money at these games, so here are a few tips I have learned about trading my cheer gear pins thus far.

2010 winter olympics cheer gear

Best lesson: merchandise your pins! People show my pins more love when I display them on my black remix hoodie! My pins are front and center, and highly visible to the eyes of oncoming pin-economists. (Also being an American, I get less heckled in the streets of Van when my colours are neutral!)

cheer pins for winter 2010 olympics from lululemon

2010 olympic games cheer pins from lululemon

The hood of my remix has actually received a lot of attention in line, I traded my Stars and Stripes pin for a Starbucks, waiting for my cappuccino.

canadian 2010 olympic pins from lululemon

Pin-Economists come in all forms and the savviest appear sweet and wonderful. Now this is important to note, I did not trade any pins for cup of tea and lovely afternoon. That's all I'm saying.

red hoodie from lululemon

Now as lovely as this woman is, don't let her fool you, she knows what she wants in life, and it's your pins at a cheap barter. As you can see I helped to decorate her lovely remix hoodie. Still no cup o' tea. (She already had the Olympics Rings pin and it is not made by lululemon).

red olympics hoodie from lululemon

I am a sucker for kids, and they see me coming every time. These bad boys took me for 5 cheer gear pins, and I had no return on investment on this one. They walked with my pins, I walked away with an emptied travel pooch that had been full of treasures to trade.

kids looking at olympic pins

Reporters have the BEST pins, they just don't broadcast it. Rumor on the street is they love the restaurants in Gastown.

2010 olympic pins from reporters

The "Eh!" pin has been the most coveted of all my pins!

eh pins from lululemon

Tiffany and I are battling it out to see who gets the best pins, any tips for us?

olympic 2010 pin collecting in vancouver - lululemon

Happy trading!

You don't have to be in Vancouver to trade these bad boys in style!
Black Remix Hoodie, available in store and online.

Cheer Gear Pins available in select stores and online.

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have you tried the Coca-Cola Pin Trading Centre yet?

Comment by Meaghan — February 25, 2010 @ 4:55 pm

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