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What’s all the hype about? A man with pig tails, a beard and boogie shorts for blokes. It seemed a bit questionable… Our former Chelsea Showroom educator and beloved community member, Charlie, shares his pre and post Chris Chavez experience from a recent workshop in London. 

before chris
I had never heard of Chris before I started at lululemon. Then all of a sudden it was "Chris this" and "Chris that", "you have to meet Chris", "he's amazing!". My fellow educator, Sarah, had done her teacher training with Chris and went a little sparkly eyed when she talked about him. Instantly my ears pricked up and my curiosity grew. I googled him and watched his some of his YouTube clips online. All I could see were pig tails. So I left it at that…

Some months later I was made very aware that Chris would be coming to town. There was great chatter in the showroom and throughout the London yoga scene about his arrival. People were buzzing about his workshop like I had never seen before. Not one to be left out and brimming over with curiosity I reserved my spots at Indaba for two nights of Chris in a row (it turned out I had the fabulous luck to have three days of Chris as he generously gave up his spare time in London teach a private community class for the lululemon peeps as well).

the workshop
Wow Wow Wow! So it seems the hype was justified. What appeared before me was a beautiful soul. Chris is light in his heart, strong in his practice and solid in his knowledge, not to mention humble as hell too. As promised, he had everyone in the class doing hand stands and interacted and connected with everyone in the room. The level of attention that he gives to the person he is talking to is inspiring. His humour instantly made my soul feel lighter. His unwavering faith that every person in the room was capable of doing their personal unknown, charged the air with enthusiasm and connectedness.

For more workshop photos check out Indaba's Facebook albums here and here!

expect the unexpected
For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of practicing with Chris, don't be swayed by the hot pants and the plaits because what lies within is one of the best teachers I have come across. Expect the unexpected and know you will feel fully supported in anything he asks you to do. He can connect with the strongest yogi to the first timer with equal ease and patience.  I feel lucky enough to have had our paths cross and I know that everyone that I met after the workshops feels the same.

Amongst other things, Chris left behind an excitement for his next visit, some wicked alignment principles and a new lightness in my practice. The whole process also enlightened me about my own thought patterns and preconceived ideas. It made me think that maybe one day I could embrace myself and rock out a pair of short shorts…

Overheard in Yoga: "Soften your right eye just a little" ~ Chris Chavez

What teachers inspire your practice?

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Great thoughts above and truer words have never been spoken. Chris has brought the art of teaching to new heights. Amazing person and incredible yogi.

Comment by Marc Savas — April 30, 2013 @ 6:53 am

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