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Bibliophilia is our Store Support Centre's book club. Tanya takes us through their first journey of reading together.

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Bibliophilia members celebrate the completion of their first read at lululemon's Store Support Centre.

There is so much to gain between the covers of a book. Some teach us about parts of the world we have yet to visit, or give us insights into the human condition, while others draw us into a captivating, fictional world. Reading has always been my solo activity of choice, but I recently discovered that reading with a book club can offer so much more!

I joined my first book club, luluemon’s Bibilophilia, earlier this year and we just closed the cover on Eckhart Tolle’s, A New Earth. I had read this book the summer prior, but the book club’s leisurely pace & lengthy discussions really cemented the concepts I didn’t understand before. Bibliophilia met every few weeks, so that we could explore the book together and discuss any questions or timely themes that came up.

What could be more motivating than the chance to catch up on some reading, while bonding with old friends and new faces? Check out the tips below to get your own book club rolling:

1. Recruit a few avid readers from your workplace, sports team or social circle. Ask each person to invite a friend or two and soon you’ll have a diverse group.

2. Discuss the number of chapters you’ll read between meetings & the frequency of those meetings with your group members. Finding a sustainable pace ensures that reading doesn’t become a chore.

3. Try rotating the hosting responsibilities around your group. Meet at someone’s house for an intimate discussion, or at a quiet restaurant for zero prep work.

4. Have the host facilitate the discussion and supply some probing questions, or have every member prepare a few.

5. Send out the questions via e-mail prior to your meeting, so that group members get a chance to contemplate the questions. Not everyone’s genius comes out when they’re put on the spot!

6. Check out your local library for book club sets. Select titles can be checked out in sets of 10 for an extended loan period of 6 weeks. Just don’t write in the margins!

Sharing your love of reading with others in this way inspires powerful discussions & meaningful actions. What books have resonated with you lately? Are you already a member of a book club in your own community?

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