baltimore’s in the house

Yup, those are birdhouses.

We asked local Baltimorean and key leader Kaitlyn for a sneak peek of our almost-open new store. Keep on reading to meet Harbor East!

After spending some time in Baltimore, Maryland, you'll quickly learn that a few things reign supreme: crabs, “Natty Boh”, row homes with rooftop decks, active professionals, and of course, the birds.

a little bit of history

In the late 1970s, Baltimore’s popular downtown tourist destination known as the Inner Harbor, replaced what was formerly just a collection of abandoned warehouses. Later developments to the once-industrial city have left it with a lot of iron-front buildings, steel architectures, art-deco style, and an urban, rustic vibe.

why birds?

As for the birds, it all started with a poem called The Raven, by Baltimore native Edgar Allan Poe, which inspired our NFL team to name their mascot the Raven. Baltimore’s MLB team then chose to identify their mascot with Maryland’s state bird, officially becoming the Orioles in 1979, and later nicknamed the “O’s”.

So when our showroom grew into a full-time store, it seemed only natural that we would build the store in a way that celebrated the spirit of our city.

Packing up the showroom to move to our new space

inside our store

Columns within the store’s interior are jet-black with a layered tiling; meant to be reminiscent of a raven’s feathers. The art display behind the store’s cash register area (pictured above) is a beautiful and eclectic collection of mix-matched birdhouses with tattered roofs. It’s a cool space with a simultaneously calming and energizing feel - somewhere that not only Baltimoreans but visitors to our city can really feel right at home.

outside our store

Nest-inspired elements outside the store constructed by local artist Adam Scott Cook.

Design elements outside include an expansive, steel, black birds’ nest with a red raven perched at the bottom.

yoga. sweat. b'mary.

In Baltimore this weekend? Join us Sunday morning, October 7th, for our pre-grand opening event, “Yoga. Sweat. B’Mary” to celebrate our city together! Yoga outside starts at 10 a.m., followed by live music and a Bloody Mary bar. Need we say more?

Learn more about Harbor East here or on their Facebook page.

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So a few months ago I walk into the local Lulu in Edmonton and discovered a great new pant… OM Pants and after trying them on I decided (as they just came out) to wait a month as I was training for a marathon and in between 2 sizes. I went back in only to discover they are gone and NO WHERE to be found. I am looking to see how we get it bak. They were a great length and because they were stretchy I believe they would’ve been perfect for yoga and running. Please let me know

Comment by Firetruck — October 4, 2012 @ 1:42 pm

So awesome that there is a lululemon in b-more. Can’t wait to visit the next time I’m there!

Comment by Arlet — October 5, 2012 @ 9:54 am

Hey Firetruck,
A lot of our styles are seasonal, which includes the Om Pant. This means we’ll see them around for awhile and then we will move on to the next season and different styles. As the Om Pant is a light-weight cropped pant, spring and summer is the time of year when we will see it. It’s possible our designers will release something similar next season, so keep an eye out when the weather starts to heat up.

As an alternative, if you liked the Swift fabric and the relaxed fit, you might like to check out the Studio Crop


Comment by GEC Online — October 6, 2012 @ 4:45 pm

So wonderful that you are Lululemon is now in Baltimore. Now I won’t have to take a trip to D.C. to shop. Let’s go O’s!

Comment by Uncle Syd — October 9, 2012 @ 8:58 am

I love Lulu and Baltimore (where I grew up). I live in LA now, but happy to have a Lulu to visit when I go back to visit family. One quick correction to this story, the Orioles have been the Orioles since they moved to Baltimore in 1954. Not sure where you got 1979 from. But otherwise, great post! Look forward to visiting you soon!!

Comment by Sharon — October 15, 2012 @ 7:52 pm

Great to have a full-fedged lulu store in bmore! Glad someone caught the mistake in the “why the birds?” section. The “O’s” (AKA the “flock” and the “birds”) were here way before the Ravens. Remember we were once the home of the Colts. No bird connection there :-)

Comment by Katie — October 18, 2012 @ 4:41 pm

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