creatures of the night

While we are busy catching precious Zs, more than just raccoons are roaming the city streets. From rollerbladers to bikers to runners – groups of people all over the world are coming together at the darkest of hours to explore a whole ‘nutha level of nightlife fun. Who knew? To our most active night owl guests, we predict you’ll fancy this…

vancouver bike rave

Music, lights, dance parties and bikes, need we say more? This is becoming an annual summer event here in Vancouver and we’ll be sure not to miss it next year. Just watch this video from the 2011 bike rave and you’ll be hoarding glow sticks ‘til June.
(photo source: Steve Bosch via The Province)

pari rollers

rollerblading in Paris
If you thought rollerblading was out, you were wrong. Every Friday (all year round since 1994) a gang of skaters, better known as the Pari Rollers, hit the streets of Paris for a 3-hour, 30K night ride. The event has grown so big (attracting as many as 35 000 people) that the French police became involved to ensure safety for both participants and spectators. The ride starts at 10PM and is suited more towards advanced skaters (cobblestone roads = danger)!
(photo source - flickr user: rhymeorreason)

firefly run

The Firefly Run
Get your glow stick on (literally attach them to your bodies… everywhere!) and light up the night with this fun, touring 5k/10k race. This event promises to be a sight to see (you’d have to be blind to miss it) boasting live entertainment, costume contents and ‘amazing visual effects’. Chicago, San Jose, Atlanta and Houston, you’re in luck ‘cause the Firefly Run will be lighting up your cities in the next couple of months!
(photo source: The Firefly Run)

boston midnight marathon bike ride

We’re sure you’ve heard of the Boston Marathon but have you heard of the Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride?! Every year, while die-hard runners are fast asleep resting for what will surely be the race of their lifetime, hundreds of bikers are pedaling their hearts out and breaking in the route. As tradition stands, the mob of bikers take the last train out of the city and then make the 30-mile trek back in.

san francisco midnight mystery ride

Okay gumshoe – this one is for you! On the third Saturday of every month a meet-up location for a nighttime ride is announced on the San Francisco Midnight Mystery website. The group converges at 12:00AM and sets off, following a leader to some undisclosed mystery location. Like a well-kept secret, the website doesn’t reveal much more than this so you’ll have to give us an update if you make it to one of these rides!
(photo source: Midnight Mystery Ride)

Calling all other creatures of the night – what are your favourite not-to-be-missed night events? Ps. Be safe out there! Reflective gear is a must.

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