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If you've watched Allison’s profile video, you know that lululemon has an elite ambassador program. This past year, Allison outfitted Team BC (Team Mallett) before they headed off to the Scotties Tournament of Hearts BC Women's Curling Championship. After their return, they had a thank you party for their family and sponsors and invited lululemon to join them...

If you've read my bio, you know I'm a curler. I’ve been curling for something like 7 years now, and I love it. I've only ever curled socially, never competitively, however I am a bit of a curling nerd and love watching it on TV and following all the incredible teams across Canada. As you can imagine, when I heard about this invite to curl with Team BC, I jumped at the chance (I think I may have scared Allison, I replied to her email so fast!).

We had an awesome day curling with Team Mallett, their families and other sponsors. The majority of people there had never curled before and for those of us who had it was a really exciting day to play with the pros. The highlight of my day (and I have a witness!) was when (Vice) Grace MacInnes told me I could curl competitively – because I'm "seriously good" !!!!!! What a huge compliment. I was walking on cloud nine for days…. Ok, I’m still pretty excited about it, can't lie.

One of the other lucky curlers that day was Shirley Glua (a very good friend of mine and also a blog artist). Shirley is famous for, well... jumping (I swear she does IT stuff too but it's not quite as exciting – sorry Shirls!). So true to form, as we now tend to do wherever we are, we launched a few times at the Vancouver Curling Club after the games were complete.

A big Thank You to team BC for the invite, it was really really awesome to curl with you, and thank you lululemon for all these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Rock On (that’s a little curling humour for you).

Above: Shirley (our IT New Store Coordinator) aims for the button!

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