day in the life: strategic sales

Michelle posing in her savasana wrap!

Want to learn more about a day in the life of an account manager at lululemon? Well you've come to the right place!

As a Strategic Sales Account Manager for lululemon, I have the opportunity to introduce lululemon to people in new areas, creating passion for the brand, whilst supporting the communities in which we operate. It's amazing to be surrounded by entrepreneurial minded people who have an incredible passion for our product and culture. I always knew I wanted to work in new markets, I just didn't know at the time that I would land my dream job doing it!

So what does a day in the life of a Strategic Sales Account Manager look like? Well, every day is different, but to give you a snippet my team starts by creating a strategy. Where do we want to go and why? We partner with yoga, pilates, fitness and wellness spas in the US and Canada with a focus on new markets in order to build great relationships with our end users, share our culture and support our stores.

One of my favourite parts of this role is fostering and developing relationships with our partners. They are a business too and it is a rewarding experience to help them grow. The Strategic Sales program provides us with the opportunity to touch so many different facets of our company, from creating seasonal product catalogues, to working with merch and finance. I now have a broader knowledge of how my job affects other teams at lululemon. We also get involved in the fun stuff like creating community events, blogging online about our partners and we also provide product education and merch tips… And of course, taking classes and wearing the clothes!

The best part of all is that I'm following my goals and I get paid to do so! If you want to learn more about our team and what we do, check out the strategic sales section of our website.

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