days away from salutation nation!

yoga in the park - salutation nation lululemonOur online community team will be practicing here... read on to find out where this is...

We cannot wait to see many of you our guests, neighbours and friends outside this coming Saturday morning at 9am for Salutation Nation. We want everyone to enjoy this day, so whether you are attending a location in person or not, here are the details you need to know to take your downdog for a walk in the park with us on Saturday.


Here is a final update of all of the participating Salutation Nation locations. Click the Google Map to be able to check out your town. The locations are also listed on our Facebook event page, so RSVP and let us know where you will be!

salutation nation locations across the USA

flow with, tweet and facebook us in person or wherever you practice

If you are not near a participating location, you can still flow with us! Salutation Nation is not owned by lululemon, it's a movement to get outside and practice yoga with your friends, families and neighbours. That being said, if you cannot join us in person, host your own Salutation Nation in your neighbourhood. You can download a free yoga class podcast from our ambassador Eoin Finn, and set up your computer or TV in a park or your backyard. Invite your friends and flow with all of us at 9am!

yoga on the grass with salutation nationEoin will undoubtedly lead you in a beautiful practice as he always does!

Upload a photo of your make-shift Salutation Nation location, you and your friends flowing in Bryant Park, the Ellipse at the White House or wherever you participate to our Facebook page, or "tweet" it our way and we will try to share it with all of our guests! The official Twitter hashtag for Salutation Nation will is #salutation, so be sure and tag your updates with it so we can follow along with you.

lululemon on twitter

follow our online community team in san diego

Elka ambassador for San DiegoOur San Diego ambassador, Elka Hauck, will lead us at the NTC South Promenade in Point Loma.

In an attempt to capture the amazing spirit of Salutation Nation, our online community team is packing up and heading south to get their OM on in sunny San Diego! From the NTC South Promenade we will be updating a "live blogpost" with photos and what's happening. We will also be posting to our Facebook and re-tweeting all of the amazing photos that we collect from you wherever you are! Holler at us east coast! It may be 6am in San Diego when your Salutation Nation begins, but we want to hear all about it and share it with our guests online!

yoga outfits on the beach from lululemonFind our team in bright orange and say hi! We may have a special treat for you. ;)

Wherever you are this coming Saturday morning, August 7 at 9am, we are excited to share Salutation Nation with you. Just to recap, here's how you can get involved:

  • Attend a Salutation Nation event hosted by a local lululemon store
  • Create your own Salutation Nation with your neighbours and download Eoin Finn's free yoga podcast
  • Tweet your photos and updates our way using the hashtag #salutation
  • Upload your photos to our Facebook page
  • Follow our live blog from San Diego, and look for your photos to appear online!

See you outside and online Saturday! Namaste.

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Comment by Cathy Leamnson — August 9, 2010 @ 6:27 pm

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