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Baron Baptiste’s Vinyasa Flow is amazing! I always tend to attend these styles of classes but am wondering what other styles might be similar to his power flow class? Any recommendations? Also, Moksha seems to be offered in a lot of studios. What exactly does this style emulate? - Sarah

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Well, as a Master Baptiste Teacher I LOVE the Baptiste flow, too! There is something exceptional about the Baptiste flow and how challenging and inspiring it is that I just can’t find anywhere else. If you can find teachers that have trained with Sean Corne, Shiva Rea, Brian Kest or Dharma Mittra, you will enjoy their style, too!

Moksha is a style of yoga based off of the Bikram series but with a strong emphasis on environmental consciousness. Just like Baptiste Yoga, Moksha is also very accessible to all levels of students and is a great way to be introduced into the world of yoga. The main difference is that Moksha is a set series of poses like Bikram and Baptiste is a Vinyasa or flow style of yoga. There are just so many styles of yoga, just like there are so many styles of music and art and dance. The important thing is to find a teacher and style of yoga that resonates with you, stimulates your inner inquiry and awakens your soul!

- Kinndli, lululemon Oakville ambassador

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If you are lucky enough to be in a city that has a Corepower yoga studio you will love it. The flow is very similar to Baptist but in a way that can’t be traced back to a singular man which I find nice. Heated, segregated into levels (I, II, and III in most studios which is hard to find in most places). Plus they offer incredible life style programs that help to blend yoga into other areas of life. There is also a sculpt yoga class that incorporates weights into the flow portion of the class for all the type A over achievers out there…

Comment by casey petersen — August 13, 2010 @ 12:52 am

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