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Back in December, our community team committed to the 40 Day Digital Challenge and invited you to join us. Throughout the 40 days, we observed, questioned, had breakthroughs (x2), and recommited. Here now with a recap of her entire experience is Tracy, our Area Community Manager and week three contributor.

Full disclosure: I took on this challenge because I'm heading to a Level One week-long training with Baron next week and wanted to be fully prepared for the days physically, emotionally & spiritually. Originally my focus was mainly physical -- to practice Baptiste Yoga and prepare for the week. As the 40 Days went on, I got so much more than "preparation." My yoga wasn't perfect, I didn't do the fruit cleanse & I missed one of my small group calls, yet my commitment to working the program never waivered. My experience through the weeks:

week 1: presence

As the program started, I immediately recognized the largest piece of this program would be commiting to DOING the work. To create sustainable change, I needed to be fully in it. Whatever comes up, comes up. The laws, Seek the Truth & Be Willing to Come Apart set me up powerfully to know who I needed to be for myself throughout the process.

week 2: vitality

I went into deep inquiry into revealing vitality in my every day activities. Seeing where I am truly energized in daily life, and being ok to share that with others. I became present seeking the truth about what truly lights me up - not feeling bad because I am happy and loving every moment of my life when those around me may not be was uncomfortable. To say I was stepping Out of My Comfort Zone was an understatement.

week 3: equanimity

I learned a lot in this week. Please see the blog I shared.

week 4: restoration

Ahhh. I learned the beauty of not feeling the need to fill my weekend schedule & simply focus on how I'm feeling when I wake up, and not necessarily having to accomplish a laundry list of things. My weekend was fantastic! It also gave me space to reflect where in my life I have rocks that I have created weighing me down. As Baron writes, "Transformation comes not from adding things on but by removing what didn't belong there in the first place." Getting real & connected to my centre allowed the rocks to fall away. Through the longer meditation, the clutter began disappear.

week 5: centering

Looking me square in the face this week was Patience & Truth. Acknowledging everything I need to know is inside of me if I have the courage to listen and am willing to be truthful with myself & those around me. The truth really will set you free. This was a week of self realizations, lots of conversation and lots of tears through it all. It was perfect.

week 6: triumph

Celebrating with my small group on our final call was incredible. Hearing what everyone had learned & the shifts made was inspiring. Kinndli & Shelley were outstanding leaders who ensure each of us acknowledged ourselves all while recognizing the work does not stop.

in summary

My 40 Day Revolution was an incredible experience. Having my friends & colleagues along for the journey, meeting people from around the world in my small group & the support from the Baptiste team was awesome. I am excited to take myself on everyday as I continue my leadership work through yoga. Next week in Hawaii take me a little further along the path.

We want to hear from you. How was your experience? What did you learn? Would you do it again?

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Great recap! It’s so cool that Kinndli was your instructor; I’ve been listening to her podcasts since I first started doing yoga in 2005 and she’s still a favorite of mine! Also, Baptiste Hawai’i Trip is going to rock — good for you!

My recap is here: From Blob to Blog | Brass Tacks: @Digital40Days (

Comment by Erin — February 19, 2013 @ 1:19 pm

Go Tracy! Rock the training next week!

Comment by Jacki Carr — February 19, 2013 @ 4:24 pm

I too participated in the 40 day meditation. I found it to be very difficult and worthwhile. I was very vulnerable and uncomfortable at times. Only to learn how to view things from the third eye. Forgetting everything I know and see things from a clean slate. I am more a peace with myself and others. This program has open my eyes in how to look at things. At times, I feel myself going back to my old ways, and after dwelling on things, I am able to take a deep breath and view it with an open mind and smile.

Comment by Lisa — February 27, 2013 @ 12:05 am

Great Work! I miss those small group calls with Kinndli and Shelley, what an amazing group! Congrats on level one! Yay!

Comment by Carly Columbres — March 4, 2013 @ 4:20 am

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