running tips: ditch the title on the trail

Hitting the seawall and enjoying the sun during my first official run of Spring!

My headphones are on, Cool Racerback is ready to wick my sweat, both running shoes are secure, and my eyes are looking at the trail in front of me. After checking all my excuses at the door, I just embarked on my first official run of spring. Yes, one full month after the Mother Earth has declared it spring time, I lace my sneakers and hit the pavement.

I have called myself a ‘funner’, fake runner, for a few years now because my running techniques are unique and it looks like I am running really fast in a stationary position while barely inching forward; envision running a treadmill but on land! But no matter how much I curse before I go or how much I want to take a detour to the ice cream shop, I keep on trucking along.

Yesterday, I decided to fully ditch the ‘funner’ title. Out there running along the seawall, along other runners, joggers and walkers I realized that by giving myself this title I put up a road block on my own running goals. Whether or not I am fast, I am still a runner. I will give you the runners club nod as I pass you on the trail, I will hold my head up and make mini goals to push my body a little further and when someone asks me, ‘why do you run?’ my answer will be the same answer as what I put on my first registered run form, “I run because I can.”

I am a runner. Can’t wait to see you at the finish line.

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Love it! Solid photo too.

Comment by Brendan — May 11, 2010 @ 7:12 pm

I went on a run this morning up hills, specifically because I hate them and was tired of the excuses. How empowering to find that wall and decide to break it down! Congratulations and never pick up that title again.

Comment by Marika — May 15, 2010 @ 11:55 am

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