do one thing a day that scares you

Shirley and her instructor

If you follow our photos on flickr or facebook, you'll know that here at lululemon we love few things more than jumping and goal setting! This past week, Shirley (our New Store IT Coordinator) managed to combine these two lululemon-loves into one.

Shirley has had it in her goals to go skydiving for years and years. She's written it down on our shared goal board, shared her goal with friends, heck - she even made a t-shirt with her goal emblazoned on it. Long story short, our jumper and goal setter extraordinaire decided to go last week, booked the jump on Thursday and jumped out of the plane on Saturday!

In true lululemon fashion she made an event out of it all! She wore her Adventure Shorts and "goal shirt", slapped on a few lululemon tattoos, decorated her outfit with yogo stickers, and even took a coworker with her.

Want to live vicariously through Shirley? Check our our photoblog of her big adventure below:

In the car, ready for the big jump!

Above: Shirley and Rob heading out to Abbotsford for the big jump!

signing her life away

Above: Yep - she's signing her life away! (Shirley claimed she didn't feel scared one bit!)


Above: The trainees! Rob and Shirley get some pre-jump tips from the pros.

the shirt

Above: The famous goals shirt! "I will skydive for the first time by July 2009". Great work Shirls! Way to put it in writing. Please note the lululemon tattoo. Shirley clearly loves her job!

ready to rumble

Above: Rob and Shirley about to get all suited up ... and jump out of a plane! They made a "Do one thing a day that scares you" sign just for the mid-air photos and videos. I get scared just looking at the pictures!

Pre jump jump

Above: Of course, Shirley needed to do an on-ground pre jump jump, just to get prepared. And yes, those are lululemon stickers all over her outfit. Sadly we have yet to venture into the skydiving suit market. Design feedback anyone?

Ready to go

Above: Shirley - en route to the plane! Stopping in for a quick photo-op. Rob did a good job as photog.

in the plane

Above: Shirley is all smiles pre-jump!


Above: SHIRLEY IN MID AIR!!!! They are somewhere between 10 000 ft and the ground. She gives us a thumbs up - and still claims she didn't even feel a tiny bit scared!

the infamous sign

Above: Shirley with the sign! Apparently it was harder than expected to juggle a camera and a sign all while plummeting towards the ground. This is a skill that Shirley will no doubt master.

Any takers on joining Shirley on her next jump? There is no doubt in my mind that this is the first of many skydiving adventures for this girl!

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Want to see even more photos from Shirley and Rob's skydiving adventure? Check out the full photoset on flickr here.

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Great post with great photos and a great sentiment. If you get a moment, I think you’ll enjoy this video — — it’s the “aha moment” of a young woman whose thoughts and life became much clearer to her as the result of making her first sky diving jump. I think you’ll like it.


Comment by Jack — June 23, 2009 @ 8:50 pm

Shirley Glua is my hero! I am EXTREMELY afraid of heights so I can’t imagine doing this without peeing myself in the process! Great stuff Shirley! It’s great to see you accomplish such an audacious goal! WOO HOO!

Comment by Frances — June 24, 2009 @ 1:27 pm

Amazing shirley!!

Comment by Ashley — June 24, 2009 @ 5:03 pm

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