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Winnie on the pole!

Do one thing a day that scares you. Or as my husband likes to say, "Scare yourself every day". After becoming a member at Crunch Fitness, the "Turning Tricks" class inspired my curiosity. I thought that I should get the most bang for my buck and visit the pole dancing class that is specially offered through Crunch.

I was the obvious newbie in class. The only one wearing pants and not sporting heels. The teacher went through a series of exercises that fully engaged the core and activated the spine through head tail movement. Leg stretches showed up everywhere in the warm up. Apparently you can always work toward better splits in pole dancing.

Other than getting a great upper body workout I discovered that pole dancers wear booty shorts for reasons other than showcasing their amazing legs. It is more difficult to climb a pole with pants on as they inhibit the friction needed to make your way four to five feet up the pole. A fourth of the way through class I stood watching in awe as everyone casually climb four feet up their pole with a towel in one hand. Next time I am going to wear my lululemon Knock Out Shorts, and maybe even some heels to keep up with the ambitious ladies in class.

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Ha! This is so great! I’ve always wondered what goes on in those classes… (Do you guys have a pole in your store??)

Comment by Billie — July 8, 2009 @ 8:19 pm

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