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Do you tweet? To be honest, I had avoided joining Twitter until recently. Because I already have Facebook, I thought: why would I need to microblog on Twitter as well? After signing up and looking around, I realized that Twitter actually has much more to offer than I previously thought, for the exact reason I didn’t want to join in the first place! Twitter is a quick and easy way to relay information and thoughts. I can still stalk my friends, but also get information from my favorite organizations, and get inspiration from my favorite people!

Here is my Top 12 Twitter list (in no particular order):

1. @UnitedPlanet – this is the non-profit organization that organized my volunteer trip to Cambodia this past July, so I like to get updates on what’s going on and where other people are traveling to.

2. @MatadorNetwork – one of my favorite online magazines, they cover all things travel and post tons of new articles everyday.

3. @BarackObama – the easiest way to stay in the know about current politics from our President himself.

4.TheCoffeeBean – I actually prefer The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf over Starbucks (I’m a tea drinker) and their Twitter has updates about promotions, events, and new drinks!

5. @JeffGalloway – my favorite running coach! He is the inventor of the Run/Walk Method, an Olympian, and was one of my running buddies for the Greece marathon! He tweets about where his next race is, when his new books come out, and general running tips.

6. @lululemonirvine – a quick way to get updates about events and new products from my favorite store!

7. @lululemon – anything and everything lululemon - new store openings, product, events, feedback, and more!

8. @runnersworld - if you are looking for motivation to run, look no further! Runner's World shares links to videos, race information, updates about race results around the world, etc.

9. @anusarafriend – John Friend, the founder of Anusara yoga, shares mostly inspirational tweets and updates about where he is and workshops he is participating in.

10. @lancearmstrong – find out what Lance is doing with his friends, his family, and the LiveStrong Foundation

11. @teamintraining – the fundraising arm of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, they train you to run a marathon/complete a triathlon in exchange for fundraising. Their Twitter has training tips, fundraising tips, and events that are going on to benefit TNT.

12. @Yoga_Journal – find links to inspirational quotes and articles from yogis and yoginis in one place!

Who do you follow?

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