eating my way through albania

eating in albania

I knew my trip to Albania would include large amounts of food, but not in such long and steady intervals. Eating is such an organized sport in Albania that there is a specific way to practice it.

Begin with chatter and a form of appetizer stimulant, such as grappa. Go through an hour of eating cheese, vegetables, yogurt, spring salad stuffed peppers, all drenched in olive oil of course. You must tell a joke to stay in the game. Your plate starts to look empty and someone slyly places the last stuffed pepper in front of you while you are sipping your third shot of grappa. If you say no, you might lose face against your opponents.

Just when you feel full, the second course comes out: lamb. You eat it without hesitation. Soup comes and even though you have grown a pant size you indulge in it graciously because what could possibly come after soup? I can tell you, bryek! This is spinach with feta cheese covered in thin layers of buttery dough. Ice cream is a typical dessert followed by fruit for digestion, cause you are gonna need it.

Recommended apparel: lululemon athletica pima and vitasea cotton tee’s, tanks and long sleeves.

Why: Soft, slinky, stretchy, stylish fabric that will move with you before and after a long vacation filled with extreme eating.

Nothing better than clothing that will stand by you!

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:) You are making me hungry Jocelyn and I just ate!
Love the post, my fav things- eating and travelling! I like hearing stories like this, about people experincing new cultures and ways of life,especially when it is food related, so thanks for sharing!

Comment by Jenna — October 20, 2009 @ 1:19 pm

I’m curious where you had such great meals. I just returned from two weeks in Albania. Unless I was eating at someone’s home, I never quite managed to figure out where to get something to eat. The places that looked like restaurants often only served coffee or rakia and it seemed as if only men went there. So I often just ate at the stands that said “fast food”– pizza.

Comment by Kristin Ohlson — October 21, 2009 @ 6:51 am

Hee hee! When I tried ordering breakfast in Albania (day trip from when I was living in Greece) I ended up with cheese, cheese and more cheese! Funny you mention pizza Kristin, because that’s what I had for dinner in Sarande! Great wine and hospitable people, once we passed the language barrier and really dived in to hand signals! :)

Comment by Ashley B — October 22, 2009 @ 4:33 pm

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