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Last weekend, several of our prairie lululemon locations held outdoor yoga events. Here is Katie from lululemon Whyte Ave in Edmonton's first-hand account about their Yoga in the Park event!

It was 7:30 in the morning and we'd just arrived at Louise Mckinney Park. The space was empty and quiet - soon to be filled, we hoped, with hundreds of yogis and yoginis breathing and sweating together.


We had no idea what to expect. We had spent a lot of time in our community sharing our vision for this event, but would it come to fruition? No one could be sure. We thought about our lululemon counterparts across the prairies region in Calgary, Banff and Winnipeg, who were likely setting up for their event in that same moment. We vibed them some love and positive energy and then we got down to business!

In a flurry of lululemon madness, we buzzed around like bees in a hive laying down mats, colouring with chalk, hanging balloons, organizing registration and waiting with anticipation. Pete the DJ started spinning the tunes. And then it happened… like waves in the ocean, the people began to roll it. Just a few at first, and then a steady flow of guests known and unknown came to be and to breathe.


Our Earth Water friends arrived with water to share, inspiring us with their mandate, 'water for water'. Each Edmonton store donated to Earth Water, enough that one well will be built in a third world country for those people who do not have access to clean drinking water.


At Louise Mckinney park we drank as much fresh water was we could to flush unwanted toxins from our bodies and keep our brains sharp. Water for water – how cool is that?!


Our perfect moment arrived. Under the smiling sun and bright blue sky, Bob Marley let out his famous cry "one love…" and the class began. There was nothing else to do but breathe, stretch and be together.



Angela Zawada spoke powerfully about yoga, leading a beautiful class. We flowed through the asanas under an open sky, breathing together with one breath. It is not very often that one gets to do yoga surrounded by green trees, bumble bees and the North Saskatchewan River. As we lay in our final rest pose, a feeling of serenity descended over three hundred plus people, a perfect end to an amazing class. Namaste.

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what a beautiful day : )

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