fast track to gold: bobsledder jesse beckom III


Jesse Beckom III operates in beast mode all the time. After speaking to him on the phone I thought I had a pretty good idea of how strong the football player-turned-bobsled push athlete was. Then I watched a clip of a dry-land training session where he squat 545 lbs—three times. Strength, determination, and commitment were quickly redefined for me. Jesse’s the kind of dude who balanced three jobs—including bouncing at a nightclub—to make his athletic dreams come true. He completed a Masters Degree in City Planning while training, and recovered from a debilitating episode of Compartment Syndrome that kept him from competing for two years. All this and he’s hilarious to boot.

Meet Jesse Beckom III: USA National Team bobsled push athlete (the guy on the team who gets the sled moving), Sci-Fi movie fanatic, dedicated son, brother and uncle and Sochi 2014 Olympic hopeful.

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