finding inspiration in all the right places

finding inspiration in all the right places (aka twitter)

I have a confession.  While I enjoy quotes, lyrics and inspirational messaging very much, I like to come across them by accident. Call me quixotic but I like inspirational material to make an immediate and surprisingly profound impact in the moment. This is why I love Twitter – in between the random musings of pals and the relentless take on the day’s events by various personalities, I follow a few yogis, athletes and musicians online. These special people often talk about their practices or training schedules – and sometimes they share musings or quotations (their own and other people’s) that strike a chord amongst the mad goings-on of the Twittersphere.

Here are the people that consistently inspire me to learn and reflect:

Elena Brower, @ElenaBrower

Without question, Elena is one of the coolest yogis on the scene (feel lucky, New Yorkers who get to practice with her!) She is so real online that it feels like I know her just through her tweets. She shares her experiences and thoughts in an accessible way that always seems to have relevance in the moment.

Alex Mazerolle, @girlvanayoga

Vancouver yogi Alex Mazerolle founded Girlvana Yoga to be a place for young girls and teens to discover yoga in a relatable and authentic way both online and in the studio. She is a must for daily inspiration and also for all the young folks in our lives who are just getting into their practice.

Marianne Williamson, @marwilliamson

Spiritual author and lecturer Marianne Williamson spits hot truth all over my Twitter feed on a daily basis. Her messages are simple, yet eerily effective; many times  I have dreamt out the window thinking and feeling a whole different way after glancing at one of her anecdotes.

Baron Baptiste, @BaptisteYoga

I completed an intensive Vinyasa retreat with Baron last year and still find myself thinking about what he said to us over the course of the weekend. He has the uncanny ability to sum up a profound ideology in a few words in a way that is immediately striking and powerful – and very, very yoga.

Danielle LaPorte, @DanielleLaPorte

This woman defies categorization. She’s a motivational speaker at events across Canada and works as a life coach – and many more things I’m sure I’m not doing justice to here. What I do know is that her Twitter feed is always filled with juicy nuggets that knock me on my butt and get me thinking in a whole new (and usually healthier and more awesome) way.

Who do you follow on Twitter for inspiration (and maybe perspiration)?

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Ooooh those are some good ones!! Here are some of my faves:
(and of course @SeaWheeze)

Comment by Elle — May 15, 2012 @ 3:28 pm

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