fit guru review: sneak a peek shorts

I myself cannot run in short shorts. Number one, I feel uncomfortable constantly pulling them down and wondering if anything is falling out for the runner behind me to see. Number two, I tend to cross my feet over each other when I run, so if I am running in shorts, chafing is inevitable.

stretch before your run

Here are a few reasons why the Run:Sneak A Peek Shorts are a dream come true for long distance runs and runners like me.

peak performance, flexibility, and movement

run Heather run!

The Run: Sneak A Peek Short is essentially a short short with a long liner to prevent chafing. The outside short is made from Swift fabric, and has lots of volume for movement. So you can run up stairs free of fussing with what your shorts are doing as you climb.

run those stairs!

You are free to stretch with full coverage, and the passing by Segwayers do not get more than they paid for renting those bad boys!

stretch it out

The Power Luxtreme® liner is seamless, will support your muscles, and wick away moisture. Just in case the UPS man decides to race you on the streets, your stride will feel strong, and you won't have to worry about who's behind you if you start to sweat.

race the UPS man!

Heather-1, UPS Man-0

Heather won the race!

Feel free to dance, Heather, these shorts have your back.

dance it out

why we made this

why we made the run: sneak a peek short

  • A short short with a long liner to prevent chafing
  • Flat seamed for chafe resistance & comfort
  • Lightweight, breathable swift short fabric with extra volume for movement
  • Power luxtreme® liner to support your muscles and wick away moisture

Heather's complete run look

Heather is 5'6", a size 6, and is wearing:

Run:Swiftly Racerback
in Lavender (available in store and online)

Run:Sneak A Peek Shorts in Coal/Lagoon (available in store and online)

Flow Y Bra in Coal (available in store, colour not available online)

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the UPS vs. heather photo made my laugh out loud!

love the info in this post!

Comment by tiffany a. — March 26, 2010 @ 5:12 pm

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