athletic deep v: fit session

lululemon Deep V Tank

Sassy, sexy, and exceeding all expectations for athletic functionality, if you're a 'curvalicious' woman, the Athletic Deep V is the perfect active living tank for YOU.

Here is why:
• Strong support for bustier women with thick shoulder straps and side panels
• The "v" cut cleavage ensures that your girls don't fall prey to an unflattering "uni-boob"
• A-line body doesn’t ride up during vigorous activity and looks great when filled out by a curvier frame. This is a great option for women post and during pregnancy as well as a forgiving fit during the weeks after holiday seasons!
• Mesh back panel ensures that your skin can breathe during tough workouts, keeping you cool

When determining your size, note that the Athletic Deep V is a tank with more compression on the bust so it may feel tighter than what you are used to. This tightness is necessary for proper support so use the comfort there as a guide. The straps should not be cutting in to your shoulders or back and you should feel supported but still be able to breathe. Remember that this is a tank that you are going to be active in – try swinging your arms and jumping around a bit to test it out.

If you have trouble fitting this tank, perhaps try a different style. Each lululemon tank is built to address a different function and/or body type. While resident Robson St. bombshell and keyleader Winnie rocks this tank in her cardio-pole dancing classes, as a non-curvy lady with large shoulders and a smaller bust, I find that the Athletic Deep V doesn't work on my frame. Fear not! I will be focusing on women like me in posts to come!

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hey lulu…what happened to the more modest tops that covered your clevage and were long? loved those?? but no more…come on give back to the moms who dont wanna be all exposed in there practice please…:} thanks

Comment by kim — May 12, 2009 @ 10:21 am

The swift tank is an awesome tank if you want coverage and support, as well as a looser mid section thats long.
I also love the fabric of it! Silky!

Love how you can add cups into the tanks! I’m pretty busty as it is but why i love it is because it acually gives you more support as well as coverage. I don’t want everyone to see the goods when i’m working out or a cold breeze comes by!

Comment by Jenna — May 12, 2009 @ 11:06 am

HI Kim,

An athletic cut that I really like is the Tri Y or the Power Y – they are cut really long, give modest support and work well for all my workouts!

Comment by Lara — May 12, 2009 @ 11:56 am

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