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foto friday is a series depicting the unedited world from behind the lens, and the pictures that resonate with the photographer.

Name and Job: Fahim Kassam, Photographer at lululemon

How I learned photography:I studied Motion Picture Production Film Studies at Capilano University. While at university, I was working at a men's clothing store in Vancouver and launched their online site. At the time they needed a photographer, so I decided to go out and buy a Canon 7D. I really had no idea what I was doing, but through trial and error I ended up shooting for them for four years. I learned a ton and sparked my passion for photography.

The shot and where it was taken:This photo is of my friend Emily in Blood Alley in Gastown.

We were walking back from a coffee shop in Gastown and noticed the light was particularly awesome in this one spot. We decided to snap a few photos and ended up loving the result.

Favourite Editing Software? Adobe Photoshop

Want more Fahim photography? Check out his website.

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