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foto friday is a series depicting the unedited world from behind the lens, and the pictures that resonate with the photographer.

Name and Job: Miles Clark, Photographer/Editor at lululemon

How I learned photography: I taught myself photography as well as assisting anyone with more knowledge than me whenever I could.

The shot and where it was taken:This shot was taken in East Van, I was just out with a friend trying to capture some interesting portraits when we spotted this guy across the street.

After a little chat and a gift of a cigaret he agreed to let me take his photo. A few clicks in and he asks me, "Do you want to see my party trick?" As a photographer you never say no to that sort of question and he produced this gurning facial expression!

The adventure of going out with your camera not knowing what or who you may end up taking photos of is awesome. This little mission enabled me to meet this really interesting guy who two days after the shoot found out was the lead singer of a 60's punk band called Chi-Pig from Ohio, who even have their own wiki page.

I've taken hundreds of portraits and this was a new expression that I haven't ever encountered. I also love the way the wispy beard and pale skin stand out from all the tones of black in the image.

Favourite Editing Software: For colour correction and exposure I'll use Lightroom, but from there on in it has to be photoshop.

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Wow, what a great picture, I love it! :).

Comment by Social Media Designer — August 2, 2013 @ 6:13 pm

This is Mr.Chi Pig, from one of the greatest punk bands SNFU, and they are from Edmonton (not Ohio)! Awesome photo!!

Comment by missforbes — August 3, 2013 @ 10:53 pm

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