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foto friday is a series depicting the unedited world from behind the lens, and the pictures that resonate with the photographer.  

Name and Job: Pat Young, Photographic Lead at lululemon

How I learned photography: I was self-taught throughout my teenage years, working primarily with my Dad's old Pentax 35mm film camera. I learned how to process my negatives and develop film when a friend of mine started to let me sneak into the university photo lab he was managing in the middle of the night. Later, in my mid-twenties, I went back to school to take Photography, and learn lighting theory, and the business/commercial-side of the industry.

What this is a shot of, and where was it taken: The photo is of a guy riding his bike, on his way to go surfing. It was taken in Venice Beach, California.

Why I love it: I took this photo from the van while our team was in LA on a shoot. We must have been traveling to another location, or on our way back from lunch, when I spotted this guy along the street, and just happened to have my camera in my lap. I love this shot because it was a completely natural moment, and quintessentially Venice.

Favourite Editing Software: I work mainly in Lightroom, and do any major retouching/editing in Photoshop. Will I see a cheque from Adobe for the plug?

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