found: in Chicago, Illinois


found: in chicago, illinois

Class: Om on the range
Teacher: Kelly Moore

Instructor creds:
I checked out Kelly Moore’s class as I attended Hit an Om Run at Wrigley Field a few weeks prior and loved Kelly’s segment of the practice. A few things blew my mind throughout Kelly’s class at Om on the Range. First, I was super pleased with all of the chaturangas because the class made me feel strong and got me super sweaty. Second, Kelly changed my downward facing dog forever, bringing attention to our hands, fingers, ankles, neck, and breath. I loved the entire 60 minute flow and appreciated Kelly’s thoughtful assists throughout the class. The woman has amazing energy and when she assisted my poses, I felt a wave of goodness from her.

A quick walk from the Addison brown line, Om on the Range is located in a loft-type building at 3759 N. Ravenswood, Studio #125. I entered in the front of the building and walked through the hallways. Be aware that there is a direct entrance into the studio just around the side of the building, which is much easier than navigating hallways.


Sweat vs Stretch:
Sweat, for sure. I opted for the Baptiste Power Vinyasa class and left with my tank completely soaked. I took Child’s Pose for parts of the class because it was such an intensely amazing practice.

High-five factor:
Shortly after our last few poses, we got into savasana and Kelly explained how savasana is a beautiful merge of commitment and surrender, all in one. I literally fell into a sleep-like state because Kelly’s voice was so soothing. A few toe and finger wiggles later, I sat up and felt refreshed, grateful, and so happy. After class, I headed out in the drizzle that started sometime during the class. I was so floaty and relaxed that I didn’t mind the rain one bit.

Post-class pick-me up:
I got a latte at a cute little café called Delicious, which was just around the corner from the studio.


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