found: in nyc’s west village


Born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota (that's on the southern shore of beautiful Lake Superior), Julie has called Minneapolis, Chicago, LA, and now NYC home. She's all about going on fun adventures, a good sweat session, red wine and champagne. Did we mention red wine? She really likes red wine.

I couldn't calm my mind. I was trying to make sense of my father's recent passing and my mind restlessly travelled through years of memories. I felt waves of happy memories that crashed into regret. I came back to the one thing that centres me more than anything else: yoga. I craved a hot studio that was traditional; I needed to be brought back to the simplicity of inhaling and exhaling.

Found: in New York City's West Village
Studio found: Moda Yoga NYC
Class found: Yang-Yin
Instructor found: Britton Darby


The neighbourhood: New York's most coveted neighbourhood, the West Village, is home to the city's best restaurants, shopping and celebrity sightings (hello, SJP!). The streets are quiet(er) for the city, and those who occupy them are locals. The cafes are small and personal and the boutiques are one-of-a-kind. For a city of eight million movers and shakers, the 'village' becomes a small oasis; it's like the Cheers of NYC. Hang out in this hood long enough and everyone will know your name.

The studio: Hot yoga studios can be smelly. The cork floor at this studio is like a giant air neutralizer—#win. The huge windows at the back of the studio serve as a constant reminder of where you are; when you look out, it's at that famous concrete jungle where dreams are made.

What I took with me from the practice: "Breathe into it." I constantly say this in my head. When I'm angry, I breathe into it. When I'm sad, I breathe into it. Anxious? I'm breathing into it.

Post-class pick-me-up: Outside the studio there is a tea station with the most marvelous wooden benches where you can sit, sip, chat and relax with your fellow yogis. I take a shot of tea and head to one of my favourite coffee shops, Jack's, for a Nutella latte and a snack, and that snack may or may not be a cookie. Balance is the key to life, right?


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