fresh face friday – meet sarah

Sarah is our new Director of Ecommerce! She is transitioning in from the merchandising team where she previously led the department as the Head of Merchandise Planning and Allocations. With plenty of experience setting goals and developing our people she is the perfect fit to lead our ecommerce team through a massive growth spurt.

why lululemon?

lululemon is an inspiring and elevating environment. I’m challenged to grow personally and professionally every day. I love taking on my own development and feel privileged to be part of lululemon’s unique culture.

Sarah hula hooping!

how does your role in ecommerce elevate lululemon?

As a growing medium, the digital world is an amazing opportunity to increase the scope and depth of the connections we develop with our guests. The ecommerce team provides lululemon product and product education consistent with our in-store guest experience. An amazing perk of the lululemon online store is the opportunity it provides to connect with our global guests! Our online store has become the pre-shop stage for all lululemon athletica stores.

what is something unique or surprising about you?

I’m a motorcycle fanatic. My husband and I used to own a motorcycle training school and I used to be a part time instructor. It was very rewarding helping new riders off to good start with lessons. I love the freedom and thrill of two wheels. I love curvy roads and challenging trails. We (my husband, son and I) own street bikes and dirt bikes. We love to hit the road and the trails in the same day.

Sarah teaching her son to motorcycle!

your favourite place in the world?

Vancouver is truly my favourite place in the world. I can ski in the winter and sit on the beach with my family in the summer. I love that in Vancouver I can enjoy nature in the midst of a vibrant city. I rarely get in my car on the weekends and enjoy living where other people come for vacation.

what's your favourite way to sweat?

Recently I discovered running. Previously I would question why anyone would want to run for no reason, but now I get it. I run along the beach in the morning and watch the sunrise over the north shore, downtown and in Stanley Park, it’s energizing.

a goal you’ve achieved that you’re proud of?

Running a half marathon was not even possible for me one year ago. I finished my first half marathon in June, achieving a personal record. With the support of my family and coworkers, I have changed my lifestyle and am truly living into possibility. Friend and coworker Amy met me at the halfway mark with some other lululemon’s and cheered me over the bridge. It was fantastic to receive so much support and really motivated me.

The ecommerce team, based out of our Vancouver B.C. Store Support Centre, is growing. With an ever-increasing demand for lululemon product, the behind the scenes team that facilitates getting that product to market is growing as well. If you're a Merchandising Ecommerce Financial Planner or an Ecommerce Merchant, and have goals to develop alongside a growing company check out your future possibilities on the lululemon careers page.

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Susan, you are too cool! I love it!

Comment by lesia d. — August 6, 2010 @ 7:34 pm

Sarah, what an incredible post. I feel so fortunate to get to work with you every day, and your presence on our team has truly elevated the work we do and the business leaders that we are.

Ps: I learned so much about YOU in this post. I love your fam, love your biking, love your life! :)

Comment by Carolyn — August 13, 2010 @ 8:00 am

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