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At a recent class we took with Danielle to celebrate the Seawheeze kickoff, we laughed so much we didn't even realize what a killer workout she was giving us until the next day. We love Danielle and wanted you to get to know her too, so we asked her a few questions.

what style of yoga do you teach?

I teach Vinyasa flow, meditation and the occasional dance class.

where and when did you take your first yoga class?

I took my first yoga class in 2000 at the Meridian Club in Los Angeles. It was a Hatha class and I was surprised at how difficult it was for both mind and body. It took me a couple of years to appreciate the meditative benefits to the practice.

what can we expect from your yoga class?

You will most likely start sweating early on in the class. I find that there is nothing more perfectly sequenced than Sun Salutations A&B, although I will deviate from that sequence from time to time. I am pretty honest and try to share from my experiences and what I’m working on at the moment, e.g. sometimes my practice is about patience; patience not only with how my body is unfolding or not unfolding but how I’m reacting to my mother, partner and children. I try to expand my own awareness off the mat.

who are your teachers?

My main teachers are my two daughters, ages 5 & 7. They teach me to be light, playful and appreciate little things like a simple picture drawn from crayons or the kid’s meal at Subway. They will occasionally surprise me with profound wisdom. My youngest, Gabrielle, saw me grieving over my aging mother and said “Don’t worry mama. Baba (grandma in Japanese) will be born again.” My other teacher is my husband Scott, who introduced me to meditation about 12 years ago. I continue to learn from my parents, yoga students, and teachers of meditation and Vedanta, Deepak Chopra and davidji.

what kind of classes are you teaching at wanderlust whistler?

I will be teaching a variety of vinyasa flow classes and guided meditations, some classes accompanied by Steve Gold, chants and drums.

what's a random fact about you?

I’m half Japanese.

other than yoga, what are you most passionate about?

Food. I like to cook.

Danielle's teaching a variety of yoga and meditation classes at Wanderlust Whistler and is also speaking on a panel called "Transformation: How I Came to Yoga" with Eoin Finn and Amy Ippoliti. You can also find Danielle at the Chopra Center in Vancouver, where she teaches and is the Studio Director. Her personal website is:

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