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I used to roll my third eye whenever a CrossFitter would blather on about their WOD and proudly show off a new hand callus, still trickling with fresh blood. I didn’t get their seemingly inane quest to become stronger or appreciate their covert language of AMRAPS, EMOM, PRs… until I tried CrossFit for myself.

Now, my Instagram boasts images of my own ripe man hands, offering testament to my quest to become better. Now, friends roll their eyes at me, incredulously asking what and why CrossFit.

In response, I simply want to introduce them to Dan Wells – lululemon ambassador and owner of CrossFit Horsepower (CFHP) – and the family of 400+ remarkable individuals he has united to achieve greatness in barely a year’s time.
What makes CFHP so special, is the devoted husband and father who took a huge leap by investing everything in his desire to invest in others. With CrossFit, Dan discovered a life-transforming ‘program’ that he felt compelled to share, infusing his own badassery.

Successful CPA, turned Investment Banker, turned actor, and fitness expert (regularly featured on popular news and entertainment TV programs), Dan is no stranger to setting personal goals and embracing sizeable risks to crush them. Who better to be the catalyst to spur others to achieve theirs?

quote4Alongside him, Dan forged an insanely inspirational team of coaches, including a world-renowned CrossFit athlete, Yogi stunt woman, former Navy SEAL, champion gymnast, and lululemon educator (who teaches yoga at his box!). Together, they have shaped hundreds of bodies, minds, and hearts by pushing people beyond their comfort zone, and perceived limits, subsequently instilling a relentless courage. This courage seeps into life outside of the box, creating leaders who radiate their infectious light throughout the local community.

dw2Collectively, the CFHP ‘family’ has shed not only hundreds of pounds, but also countless insecurities, fears and doubts. Dreaded burpees and loaded barbells have led members to find soul-mates, best friends and unwavering confidence. After mere months of training at CFHP, 18-year old Mo reclaimed his foregone goal of going to medical school, believing now that he can handle anything. Each member I’ve met has their own special story. And, each learns to take accountability for their own triumphs, as well as one another’s: whether it’s achieving a strict pull-up, the holy grail muscle-up, or that new job. And, while there is a lot of sweat, tears and the occasional blood (dang Cindy!), there is even more laughter, love and …well, sweat.

Dan Wells simply inspires everyone to be the best versions of themselves they can be, inside and outside of his CrossFit box. #gratitude

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I haven’t been able to CrossFit in the past 6 months due to pain complications from my pregnancy. This post has me amped up about getting back to my box with my follow lemons, and feeling that culture all over again. Thank you so much for embracing CF as a valid sport!!

Comment by ellie — July 23, 2013 @ 5:44 am

CF and Lulu together! My two favorite things! Now let’s get some lulu gear made for the sport!

Comment by Amy — July 24, 2013 @ 11:58 am

Heck yes Dan!

Right there with you! Awesome post and I completely agree, coming from a track and field back ground I didn’t know what all the hype was about until I tried it. Now needless to say, I am hooked!

I am also right there with you on the instagram part!

Happy crossfit-ing from Whistler!

Comment by Alanna Kelly — July 24, 2013 @ 12:01 pm

I honestly get really tired of crossfit and the obsession this community seems to have. Give me ironman triathlete any day. Triathletes eat carbs and beans. They are built for endurance. Lifting as much weight as humanly possible, or doing a million burpees is not that impressive to me.

Comment by Jennifer — July 24, 2013 @ 12:27 pm

Jennifer, you obviously know very little about crossfit, it is not just about lifting weights, it is about diversity and being really great a a lot of different things as opposed to just 3………. if you think there is no “endurance” needed for crossfit you are very miss informed, how about you give it a try before knocking it and the individuals in its community.

Comment by Amanda — July 24, 2013 @ 4:40 pm

Honestly 5 years ago when I took my 1st and only class our burly guy instructor wouldn’t stop talking about how Rad his pants were and how you gotta check em out and don’t you want to know what they are and who makes them?!!!? So you can get a pair?
YES ,please tell me, I must know!!!!

Lululemon “they make rad stuff”

Gaurantee he’s still wearing them and spreading the gosphel to his brothers and sisters! We need more of Those guys!

Comment by Liz — July 24, 2013 @ 11:53 pm

Coming from a PT and Group Fitness background, CrossFit goes against everything that is deemed “safe” for joints and muscle conditioning. But, knowing that I cannot make up my opinions based on someone else’s, I tried it… I did not like it! Maybe because I do have knee issues, but I felt that the extra high jumps, lifting that fast, swinging kettle bells, really did a number on my joints after just one class… hats off to those who stick with it but, after trying it, I agree with Jennifer, give me triathlon training, weight training, long distance running or any cardio class any day! I will try anything!

Comment by Silvia — July 27, 2013 @ 11:34 am

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