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Ask any runner and they’ll tell you there’s a distinct difference between good pain and bad pain. Bad pain is that sharp, unbearable pain which tells us to back off before you do some serious damage. Good pain, on the other hand, is that slightly burning and yet totally satisfying hurt-so-good type of pain.

Train in the good pain zone. Improve your running by using good pain as your training guide. Push yourself into that good pain zone but not so far into it that you wind up in the injury end zone.

Know the difference between good and bad pain. Picture your last great run, your heart pounding and the sweat pouring from your brow. There’s no question you’re working hard but deep down you know there’s more - that’s good pain.

Realizing the difference between good and bad pain will help keep you healthy.

Lets face it, running is going to make you stiff and sore. At times you’re going to wake up stiff and crawl up the stairs regretting those extra laps. This is completely normal, muscle soreness happens when you slightly over do it. Take a few days easy and you’ll be good to go. Overuse injuries happen when you experience extended, sharp pain. Your body is telling you to stop but your mind doesn’t listen.

Above all, listen to your body to prevent injury.

As a runner it’s very important, and at times extremely challenging, to follow your body’s orders. Your mind says go but your body says no. Don’t let mild soreness prevent you from your workout, but if discomfort is forcing you to question the run, you’re probably entering bad pain territory.

Stay in the good pain zone, follow your gut and you’ll improve enjoying every injury free moment.

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Not to mention when you push through the good pain, how AMAZING and energized you can feel afterwards. Soo worth it!

Comment by Andrea — August 24, 2010 @ 10:50 pm

As a new runner I needed help finding the right outfit for me. Those that I had already were not doing it for me. The sales people at Lululemons we fantastically helpful.

I bought what I believe are the light up cycling shorts for running and found i can not live without them especially on long runs. These provide great muscle support! I only wish they came in more fun colors. There is also no way to tell what the exact item is on the tags.

I wore both the shorts and a great top I got from Lululemon for the Falmouth Road race and can’t say enough about how happy I was with both items! I will be back for more……

Running in memory of Dave Lee for Dana Faber and the Jimmy Fund

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