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the soho team

At lululemon SoHo, in times of adversity it seemed like the "lemon" in lululemon was smothered with mold and damp clothes and a pipe bursting on the third floor of our building. But that lemon has resurfaced and is being squeezed of all its yummy juices. After re-opening a few weeks ago I think it is fair to say that with the help of an amazing team, we have made some top-notch lemonade.

It began with rebuilding the store from just a slat-wall skeleton and morphed into a beautiful, rich space: full of bright chi and swelling enthusiasm. Team SoHo, although not fine-tuned in the art of construction, most certainly is in the art of fitness. Our re-opening celebration began with a four-day fitness blitz (16 classes total) where we reconnected with our neighboring studios. We learned how to throw a mean punch in kickboxing, played with our equilibrium in an inversions yoga class, and collectively groaned as we rapidly pumped our fists in the Pilates 100’s. Our overwhelming sense of accomplishment and inner and collective strength beamed out from the top of our heads and smothered any feelings of doubt we had about making it through our fitness marathon!

At the end of the day we dragged ourselves home, and although sweaty and fatigued, we were all so grateful to have had this unifying experience. It takes a strong-willed team and positive energy to turn a challenging experience into a deeply fulfilling one. Our blitz provided us with the platform to go back into our space in SoHo and rally with our superstar helpers to create a kick-ass store. We now have cultivated the environment to provide an unforgettable guest experience, with the best product, hands on knowledge and some very tasty lemonade, I might add. :)

ebony and ava

Ps, a huge thank you to Summer Starling who took the above pictures! 

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Sounds like a pretty husky crew. Squeeze forth!

Comment by Michael — August 17, 2009 @ 11:19 pm

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