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where will your next downward dog be?

Where will your next downward dog be?

As sand squidged between my toes, I made my way into downward dog and caught a great upside-down view of English Bay. Around me friends and brand-new friends let their city stresses go as we laughed off the weather and pointed our toes up into the sky for three-legged dog. Somewhere to my left a flash went off - just a Swedish author, working on a book about Vancouver culture, taking a picture. Welcome to guerilla yoga.

Confused? Don't be! Guerilla yoga is an impromptu public meet-up of yogis, visitors, and sometimes curious passers-by, in a public space for the purpose of enjoying a yoga class together. The name expresses that this kind of yoga meet-up could happen anywhere, any time, in any space!  As part of our Robson store's CGSE community events, we've already hit English Bay, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and the Yaletown Roundhouse Ring. It's a great way to see new spaces in our city from a perspective you've never taken before. All you need is a mat, some water, and an open mind.

fact: hockey helmuts keep your head warm when yoga-ing outside

Did you spot us last week at the Art Gallery?

So how do you go about checking out our next guerilla yoga adventure? If you're plugged in, the word will go out on our Twitter and Facebook sites. If you're in the area, grab your mat and a water bottle and hop it over to our meetup space! Not in the local area? No worries - why not organize your own guerilla yoga event? All you need is a public space, someone who is comfortable leading an all-levels yoga class, and a way of getting the word out - from a newsletter to a last-minute tweet.

Ever been to a guerilla yoga event, spur of the moment flash mob, or tweetup? Share your tips for organizing or joining in with us!

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