half tortoise yoga pose for the holidays

The holidays are a time of joy, crazy family, decadent food, and shopping. We thought you might like a minute to yourself and away from the stuffing, so we've asked our ambassador, January Newland, for a yoga pose to help you restore the peace.

Half Tortoise Pose

January suggested Half Tortoise pose, an all-levels yoga pose known for deep relaxation that can aid digestion. Here's how you get into it:

how to do a rabbit's pose for yoga

Step 1: Stand tall seated on your knees.

how to do a half tortoise pose in yoga

Step 2: Cross your thumbs.

yoga tank from lululemon

Step 3: Keeping a flat back and your torso aligned with your arms, slowly begin to dive forward.

yoga poses from lululemon

Step 4: Reach your arms out and land with your "pinkie" fingers supporting the pose. If possible, try to keep your elbows off the ground.

half tortoise pose - lululemon

Enjoy Half Tortoise Pose, and Happy Holidays!

What activity keeps you calm during the holidays?

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