happy healthy halloween!

Ella is a copywriter on our Brand Creative team. Today she's dressed up as a pumpkin, because it's healthy. She is also dressing her six-pound chihuahua as a pumpkin, so together they are a pumpkin patch.

We love a good scary movie, especially on Halloween. And as much as we enjoy a sugar rush here and there, a sugar hangover is another story. We're giving our tricks n' treats a healthy twist this year, so we decided to "health-ify" some of our favourite scary movies. (Basically the brand creative writers got their hands on the blog password, and we like puns. Muahhahaaa!)


1. The Exercist

When Olivia Newton-John guest-starred on "Walking Dead," this was the result. Just goes to show that exercise is as important when you're a zombie as it is when you're human.

2. "Beet juice, beet juice, BEET JUICE!"

Shout it three times, and a lecherous shrunken head in black-and-white striped suit might appear with a fresh glass of blood-cleansing goodness. Robin Thicke, we're looking at you.

3. Nightmare on "Om" Street

We love it when the chanting from the day's yoga class haunts our dreams.

4. "I See Dead People"

We look forward to Savasana (Corpse Pose) at the end of yoga class, especially when are exhausted from using our "Sixth Sense" all day.

5. Rosemary's (Bread) Baby

We believe in, "everything in moderation," including moderation. That's why we're including this delicious bread, as part of our 'healthy' Halloween treats this year.

6. The Crow (Pose)

We heard even Bruce Lee had a hard time balancing in Bakasana.

7. “Double, double, toil, and trouble!"

We're swapping out "eye of newt and toe of frog,” “wool of bat and tongue of dog" for spinach and fresh pineapple in our cauldron (ie Vitamix) this Halloween. Blend these ingredients for a brew that won't poison Macbeth's homie Macduff:
• 1 large handful baby spinach
• 1.5-inch cross section of a fresh pineapple (cut off the skin, leave the core)
• 1 cup water
• 5 ice cubes

8. Silence of the Yams

We'd rather dig into this than human flesh, thanks.


How are you going to health-ify your Halloween? (Or the title of your favourite creepy movie?). Share it with us: #healthyhalloweenmovies

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