hey, sketchpad to shelf!


Over on heylululemon, One More Time is moving from the Showdown phase to Sketchpad to Shelf phase.

Celebrating some of our greatest gear and hearing your passion for it has been a blast! Thanks for getting involved, joining together and selecting the design hitting our online 'shelves.' It has been a close competition with the Stride Jacket and Savasana Wrap running neck and neck, and to that effect we have some exciting news.

drum roll, please...

Both of these beloved designs will be returning!

Whether on Facebook, email or in our stores we are always listening to you, and your passion for the Stride Jacket has been popping up in conversation for quite a while. So, after chatting with our merchants and designers, we are stoked to announce that it is on the agenda for 2014! Your insights have always been a key part of our process, so keep speaking up and let’s continue elevating product together. Plus, we'll be sharing Stride Jacket updates on heylululemon, so keep an eye out.

During Sketchpad to Shelf, we will be giving you a behind the seams glimpse and telling Savasana Wrap's story from inception to doorstep. The four main stages we will be focusing on from our product lifecycle are:

  • Pre-Sketch
  • Sketchpad
  • Production
  • Shelf


The journey is just beginning so get ready to follow along as these designs come to life One More Time!

The conversation is never over and we would especially love to get into the specifics with you. Which elements; fabrics, features, fit, function and fun, are you desiring? These detailed conversations are powerful, as they allow us to integrate elements from the past into new innovative gear. Come on over to heylululemon and get at us!

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