highlights from the sidelines

our favorite highlights from the sidelinesCheering on hardcore athletes could almost be considered a professional sport in itself. Here are some of Jaime's highlights from her past four days exploring the Cool Global Sporting Event currently happening in the capital of Great Britain.

highlights from the sidelines

After an intense weekend of opening ceremonies and cheering on our ambassadors at the men's and women’s cycling road race, I wanted to share a highlight reel of some of the most memorable moments so far.

getting sweaty with the locals
Our mornings have been chock-full of exercise from running across the Thames to practicing a gymnastics-inspired floor exercise routine. One of my favourites so far was a class with lululemon ambassador Matt Miller aka "The Pillar”.

running and yoga in london
watching the faces of the athletes brighten as they fly past our cheer signs
A few of my favourites include:
1. “It’s okay to finish first”
2. "The Queen is watching"
3. “Great stamina. Wanna date?”

cheer signs
improvising with unpredictable british weather
We managed to stay dry during the sporadic downpours with our makeshift umbrellas (read: cheer signs).

cheer sign umbrellas
securing an awesome vantage point
Thankfully our morning yoga class helped us to swiftly maneuver our way in front of a very tall Dutchman with an orange wig.

yoga for cheering
celebrating the wins
After the exciting road race, our posse made their way back to the lululemon house for some well deserved hydration and nutritional support! Bloody Mary anyone?

cheering at the lululemon houseNow onto the next round of events! We're hoping to get a glimpse of the men's water polo... who doesn't love a bunch of fit gents in speedos?

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I do love a great water polo team. Disclaimer: It is generally, only a water polo player, that can make a clean getaway and make a girl (or boy) want to see a fit guy in a speedo. Keep up the great work, gents!

Comment by EMcG — July 31, 2012 @ 6:14 pm

It was so great to meet all the lululemon folks from Canada and even better to host Broga for you and the team at the team lululemon house! Come back soon!

Comment by Matt "the Pillar" Miller — August 12, 2012 @ 2:39 am

LOVED the signs :) You can always count on the lulu team to do something different that will, always, make you smile. I betcha those athletes will remember your messages long after London quiets down (does London ever quiet down???). Cheerio…

Comment by Jen — August 12, 2012 @ 8:32 pm

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