holiday stuff(ing) – week five

christmas - holidays - 2013

1. leave cookies out for Santa.Santa called. He wants his good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies back (with gluten).

2. give yourself a breakT-minus 4 days to go. The crazy is almost behind you. Take a mini meditation break to recharge or hit up your favourite yoga class. You deserve a little me-time and you’ll feel oh-so-good.

3. wrap your presents.WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get creative and crafty with your wrapping this season. Check out this list of 50 stylish ways to wrap presents for a bit of inspiration.

4. running to the kitchen countsLife is all about balance and the holiday season is no exception. A 4 letter acroynm recently made popular by Drake comes to mind... but we'll refrain from using it.

5. have fun and be merryMy family tradition is to play a post-dinner game around the table. I love that it keeps us all together, in one room, enjoying each other’s company – and laughing like crazy. Games like Catchphrase, Taboo or Things are good for all ages (I’ve personally tested these on my 84-year old Italian grandfather). Trust me, the spirits will be up!

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ah, balance. Thanks for the reminder! ; )

Comment by Brittany @ Proteinandpumps — December 22, 2012 @ 10:36 pm

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