how can I prevent headaches from yoga?

prevent headaches from yoga by hydrating well

headaches from yoga: ask a yogi

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I have been attending yoga classes for 4 months now, and recently the class has added more forward folds than before. I’ve been getting really intense headaches by the end of the class that will continue into the evening. This is something that has just happened since the routine of the class has changed. Why do you think this is? What can I do to prevent the headaches while still keeping up with the class/getting the most out of it? Thank-you!!
- Jennifer

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Interesting.... the most common headaches are just a sign of dehydration so this is where I would begin your inquiry. If you feel your headaches are a direct result of the poses you are doing then something is not working for you. You may be pinching a nerve or just simply cutting the blood flow off which is common in people who hold a lot of tension in their shoulders. Stay present to the tension and stress you may be holding in your shoulders and if these new variations of poses are creating more tension then switch it up. Your breath is an amazing tool to detect if it is tension or not. If you are not able to relax into the moment then your breath with will be short and stifled and odds are you are hardening in the pose. When your breath is flowing with ease, you will find that you can hold your poses and shoulders with less tightness therefore relieving any shoulder tension.
- Kinndli, lululemon Oakville ambassador

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I would also look into your blood pressure as well as your electrolyte consumption. Are you now into the summer season in a hot area? While deydration is definitely something to look at, you also need essential electrolytes that you may be losing during class. A simple gatorade or an electrolyte supplement such as ElectroMix could do the trick. It’s kind of trial and error with something of that nature until you find the fix. I’ve been a trainer for 12 years and we have lots of issues such as this in South Florida. Good luck! :)

Comment by Margot Rutigliano — July 14, 2010 @ 9:36 am

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