how i created my dream job: craig pearce

For the second part in our series on entrepreneurship, meet my buddy Craig. He has taken a personal interest in all things wood paired and a desire to be creative and launched one of the West Coast’s hottest furnishing companies, Union Wood Co. All the amazing pieces are crafted in their in-house woodworking studio in Vancouver’s Railtown neighbourhood and people are taking serious notice. Read below to see what makes him tick.

alexis: What is your name and what do you do?

craig: My name is Craig Pearce, and i am the owner, creative director, janitor and emailer at Union Wood Company in Vancouver, BC.

alexis: How did you come up with the idea for your business?

craig: The idea for my business came when i realized that i had very little(zero) traditional "art" skills, but still felt I needed to apply my creativity to something that both looked good, and was functional.

alexis: when did you decide to make it happen? What were some of the challenges involved?

craig: Four years ago I finally had the chance to make it happen.  Some of the biggest challenges at first were explaining to people how & why their friend; a garbageman, a cook and a construction worker would want to be a furniture designer. Aside from this, having the space to do what you want to do is always a challenge in the city.

alexis: What do you love about running your own company? What are some of the challenges?

craig: The best part about running your own company is getting those unique chances to get to live out what you've been dreaming up in your head for months.  Collaborating with other people & businesses to stay on your toes is always an exciting part, too.

alexis: Your shop is in a really cool part of Vancouver – what is the best part of working in a tight community?

craig: We've been so fortunate to be in such a great part of the city.  Its a great cross section of worlds here where in one building, someone is selling the worlds most expensive designer rugs, and right beside that someone is creating some obscure art piece in their brick & beam loft.

alexis: What advice would you give to someone creating their dream job?

craig: Just go out and do it, however you can.

For more on what Craig and the Union Wood Co. gang are up to, follow their awesome Instagram account – be prepared for reclaimed wood heaven, some serious kitsch and even the odd Icing (just one of the side benefits of working with friends).

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Craig made my DREAM dining table come true, it wasn’t an easy task, but he made it work… I think I might have the heaviest table in existence but it is the BEST!

Comment by Megan — June 3, 2013 @ 10:53 pm

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