how to measure your inseam

friend + measuring tape = inseam

To measure your inseam you'll need a friend and a measuring tape. (Easy enough, right?)

Wearing pants that are fairly fitted or shorts, and standing up straight, take the end of the measuring tape (the 1" end) and hold it at the top of your inner thigh.

(Make sure you're standing up straight! If you bend over a little you may end up with shorter pants than you want!)

Get your friend to pull the tape straight down the inside of your leg to the floor – the number that's hitting the floor is your inseam measurement! Make sure you're looking at the inches side of the tape.

**Tip - If you are planning on wearing shoes that have thick soles – like Shox - you may want to add 1" to your inseam length to ensure your pants aren't too short**

Want to find out the length of pants you'll need based on your newly discovered inseam? Check out our size chart here: If you're an inbetween length, don't forget we offer free hemming at all of our stores!

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