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Carlson's spine

Yoga Tune Up is so intense you might need a chew toy. The serious athlete has Jill Miller to thank for designing a whole body regenerative fitness system that makes you want to roll during your lunch break. After a session of chugging, rolling and probing your spine muscles along two tennis ball-sized yoga balls, your backside will welcome new movement pathways.

Yoga Tune Up uses yoga philosophy yet excavates and hones in on the nitty gritty muscle points. Dancers love sliding the yoga ball down their lliotibial band as much as the teacher enjoys the grueling vocals that follow. This fitness tunes up sore and undiscovered muscles while creating a workout that engages the core system.
Other than massaging out back kinks, improvements are seen in flexibility, cardio, breathing, relaxation and posture.

Jill Miller gives an accurate description of what a Yoga Tune Up classes entails: "Yoga Tune Up® combines elements of yoga, calisthenics, and body therapy by utilizing traditional yoga postures and focusing on 'functional biomechanics' to bring your body back into complete physiological balance. Ideal for helping heal injuries, reduce pain and de-stress, as you tone, stretch and strengthen. This innovative practice both fortifies and challenges the body, mind and spirit. Appropriate for every level of practice."

More than 25 certified Yoga Tune Up teachers reside nationwide across California (LA, Palo Alto, San Francisco, East Bay), New York (NYC and upstate), New Jersey and more are on their way. Bios can be found at
For a list of nationwide classes visit,

Above: Carlson's spine is in tip top shape! (Ps, he's seen here wearing the Metal Vent Tech SS and Kung Fu Pants)

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Very cool. I like the body-strength components of Yoga. I follow Matt Fury’s program “combat conditioning” which uses a lot of related moves to yoga. Great for all muscle groups and requires no equipment.

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Comment by Chris Thompson — May 12, 2009 @ 7:36 am

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