inside the mind of a designer

The question I hear most often as a designer (right after 'Where'd you get those shoes?') is: 'Where do you come up with all your ideas?'

I suppose from an outside point of view, the design process appears to be a mystery, with new product arriving in stores week after week.

It's actually a continuous process from concept to development to production, and I'm excited to share with you on a regular basis on the lululemon blog what goes on inside the mind of a designer.

Right now, I've got fall on the brain.

Ever since I got back from vacation and discovered that summer has officially ended, all I can think of are cozy layers, soft fleece, and toques.

Here's what's been inspiring me this season:

our amazing elite ambassadors

I had the honor of joining 11 of our elite ambassadors on a retreat in Tofino a few weeks ago. Often what I forget when watching athletes perform is that this is their life. Their schedules are packed with non-stop training, traveling, and competing.

Their dedication and commitment inspires me to create accessories that will make their hectic lives as easy as possible. If they aren't worrying about the bag that's carrying their gear, they'll have that much more free brain space to focus on what really matters: the competition. I might never break a world record, but I can design a rad duffel.


(As seen at Rag & Bone) I remember seeing this collection come out back in the spring. I loved it so much I almost wanted to skip summer and go straight to fall so I could copy every look. I love to layer, and nothing makes me more excited than a great fall transition outfit.

the peace of mind vest

Shannon and her team nailed this one. I can't wait to rock this with a pair of black Wunder Unders, a long white t-shirt, a shrunken flannel, and my new black patent leather Birkenstocks I bought while on vacation. Perfect for a Saturday morning latte run on the way to yoga...or perhaps work tomorrow.


bon voyage duffel

Now that the weather's cooling off, I'm looking forward to getting back into the studio and logging in some gym time. This duffel is the perfect size for all my gear (I don't travel light...even to work) including a spot for my mat. And best of all? It doesn't scream 'gym bag' so I'll look good no matter where my day takes me.

hunter clogs

Brilliant! To say it rains occasionally in Vancouver is like saying it gets a little dry in the Sahara. Wellies are a wardrobe staple from September until June, and rocking a pair of real clogs isn't really all that practical. These puppies let me be practical and stylish... I'm in love.

What's inspiring you this season?

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love this post and love the collage of pictures with lulu items matched with non lulu. very cool!

Comment by lulumum — September 28, 2010 @ 10:00 am

Love this blog and hearing about the design side of things at Lulu – I am currently studying sportswear design in the UK so this is a great read! Thanks!

Comment by Jordanna — September 29, 2010 @ 2:24 pm

I have been a runner/jogger for years. One of my frustrations with running bra’s is that although the support is awesome in alot of the new designs for bra’s for endowed women, the hardware sucks! I am a 34 D cup bra size and the little hooks that they put on the back of running bra’s break down so much faster because of wear and tear. Is there a reason why bigger, more industrial style hooks are not used in the running bra’s for women with bigger breast size. I have contemplated taking old running bra’s that are in good shape but the hooks are shot to a seamstress to replace with stronger hardware. Does this make sense? I would love feedback.


Comment by Annette — October 9, 2010 @ 1:07 pm

Hi Annette,

Thanks so much for your feedback! We rigorously test any hard wear before finally using it on our product. This hook also went through the same testing process and passed all our requirements. These hooks were tested to ensure that they are strong and add function to the garment.

I have not heard of this problem before, so it’s possible that there may be a quality issue with the particular bra you purchased. I definitely recommend that if you’re close to a store, you take it in for an educator to do an assessment for you. If you’re not close to a store, give us a call at the Guest Education Centre, 1.877.263.9300, option 2, and one of our educators will be able to help you work out a solution.

In the meantime, I will definitely forward this feedback along to our design team for their consideration. Thanks again!

GEC Online Community

Comment by GEC Online Community — October 13, 2010 @ 5:53 pm

there’s nothing more i’d love than a pair of rock out pants to go with my remix hoodie. as my bad luck has it, my large rear doesn’t feel right in a 12. if you carried your pants in a 14 (even if they were only available online!) i could actually have a nice pair of your pants for my dance classes!

many stores have plus size or larger options that can only be purchased online. in my opinion, it’s better than nothing. don’t you want to see my luscious mocha booty in a pair of your pants, lulu? (that’s a rhetorical question, i know you do.)

Comment by mikayla — October 13, 2010 @ 7:03 pm

Why doesn’t lulu have any plus sizes for women. I know they are yoga pants but they are also comfortable and great looking. So why not broaden the market to include plus size for those of us who love the materials and the look but can’t squeeze into a size 14?

Comment by Lola — April 23, 2012 @ 3:16 am

hey folks at LuLu! Just wondered if you have considered carrying a small line of LuLugear for those of us who may be considering a new addition to the family. Your clothes are so comfortable and attractive, I think it would be amazing to have a pretty dress or yoga outfit tailored to those of us who would like to continue wearing your gorgeous clothes. A company that so loves the female form would be able to make really gorgeous products for us while we are trying to stay healthy and active during our pregnancies. Thanks!

Comment by nikki — June 26, 2012 @ 10:22 am

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