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As our newest Information Centre Analyst, it goes without saying that Russell is full of technical wizardry and know-how. But it’s his love of heart-pumping athletic challenges, animals, and gadgets that truly make Russell tick.

west coast trail, hiking

Ready for exploration!

what is your proudest achievement?
I focus on setting goals for my life that challenge me, and then striving to achieve them. One that stands out is hiking BC’s West Coast Trail (78 km), which my team and I completed in 4.5 days. The technical challenges the elements and the terrain posed, and the constant rain (in the rain forest -who would have thought?) motivated us to complete the trail in great time.

white water rafting, sweat once a day

Can you spot Russell?

what are some of your favourite ways to sweat?
Anything that gets my heart pumping and challenges me! This could include water rafting, snowboarding,  or Muay Thai. This year I am also aiming to hike Mt. St Helens in June.

tell us something unexpected about you...
Animals have always been a joyous (and sometimes batty) part of my life, and that includes finding fur balls in the strangest places or glasses being knocked from the coffee table by rampant wagging tails. Spending time with my cat is the calming balance to the physical activities that challenge me.

hiking in the rocky mountains

Not shown in this photo: Russell's cat!

what would you do with 1 million dollars?
Take a trip to the snowboarding hotspots of the world! I’d start down at Chile in the heart of the Andes, and follow with a flight to Europe to board in Switzerland and Austria. Then I’d invest the rest of the money into my own learning, to continue my personal and professional growth.

what excites you the most about working at lululemon?
The way lululemon has fused their culture and business model together attracted me to become a part of the lululemon community; lululemon doesn’t just sell a product, but a more positive way of life. I’m excited to contribute to lululemon’s unique customer experience as a part of the IT team.

Do you have passion to match Russell’s? Our IT team is growing fast! If you are a savvy Business Analyst or Technical Support Specialist, check out our opportunities in IT!

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